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Michele Abbaticchio
Current Student

What were you doing before the course?
Before the course I'd finished a communications degree at university, and spent two years travelling, working random jobs, and discovering that I wanted to do graphic design. 

What motivated you to do the course now?
Once I realised my passion was design, I didn't want to waste any more time working random jobs. Shillington seemed the best option to me, so I went for it!

Have you had any previous graphic design experience?
I took one course in graphic design at my university where I got very basic training in the Adobe programs. I can't believe how much I've learned so far in only three weeks! I can already see enormous improvement when I compare my designs now with the ones from the first few days. 

What do you like about this course?
It's hands-on and there's no time wasted. We're learning the most efficient way to do everything which will be important when I get a job. The teachers get the perfect balance between pushing us hard while still being encouraging, understanding and super friendly. I've never been in such an intensive course, but I love everything about it!

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